Game Pre-registration?

    EXP Game is a mobile app that lets users to pre-register on the pre-launching games. What is the advantage of that pre-registrations? It was also stated that rewards are given, what is the difference of downloading the game to the app and directly downloading it to the playstore

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    country bumpkin

    There is a contact email address to answer any questions you may have.

    I didnt see the contact. I was wondering if there are people using this tho. Thanks. and btw, description is kinda vague.
    country bumpkin

    I looked at the link again and above the (review) graph are the words 'Read More'. When I clicked on 'Read More', more information shows and this is also where another link is provided encouraging to ask questions

    What I have understood of their Pre-registration is that, there are games in that app that aren't available yet on stores. And if you Pre-register, you could a beta tester for these games. By rewards, if you mean Vouchers, then it is since they said they give game codes, which are literally translated to Game vouchers. 

    Haven't tried downloading a game through their application, but I bet it will redirect you to the game store. Although if it is for beta testing, you might be redirected to where you can download the APK

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