Another "what would you do" ...

    At the Board meeting last night, "Missy" took nearly 40 minutes to lie through her teeth about an issue I am working on in the office where I work part time. The chairman backpedaled on policy and "Missy" got everything she wanted. 
    Then, "Bruno" passed around a hateful letter and BOTH chairmen backpedaled and appeased this grudge-laden fool.
    The best I can come up with is an email to both chairmen expressing my disappointment in the manner they conducted the meeting and appeased these two troublemakers, as well as sending my own letter (sans the hate) to the COUNCIL, who will be hearing from both "Bruno" and one of our chairs as representative.
    Any suggestions on how to handle these kinds of things?  Churches would be better places if people left their egos at the door. (That goes for me, too, of course.)

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    The truth will out, if you can get the truth into your emails, send them.

    Oh, gosh Phyl. Another real life situation? Let's see. I would have called them at the get go and have my own point of view heard. Too late now though. Just write your own point of view and make the description sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread .......


    I'll email the details...abbreviated details

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