"Oddball" is a good movie for adults or kids,the guy on the right is the real Swampy Marsh,the guy on the left is the actor,it is an uplifting movie based on some truth regarding the dogs and their job..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

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    Terry, would you believe i met these dogs a Warrnabool last August along with their owner at the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum he was telling me about a film Documentary about the protection of penguins by the dogs from foxes on an island off the Victorian coast, i gather the Film was about them.
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    Yeah Kent,,the dunny man plays Swampy Marsh,it is not a doco but an actual movie based on some truth,,the basics are true,but then they put a storyline around it..worth watching Kent..just my opinion mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I will put on my list for movies to watch, thanks. :)

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    You want the biscuit you gotta risk it! LOL

    Terry, I just finished watching the movie trailer and this looks like a great movie. We'll put Oddball on our list of must see movies.

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    And do not forget Oddball," that would make an onion cry" ..Good movie CB..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    So, there is actually a penguin sanctuary in OZ?

    Sounds like an interesting movie, I will give it a look see.

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    Let me know what you think of it Roy,,the dog s are actually Maremma Sheepdogs..the link explains a little bit more, and have a look at the 5 minute video..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I want to pet and play fetch with the dogs!

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