a fun geological question............What part of Michigan is called " the U.P. " and why ? Do not access the answers. Our international friends get extra points for the right answers

    This is  a question that should be answered off the top of your head. Michigan residents are excluded from joining the fun. Sorry, Clu .

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    It would be interesting just to find out how many Michigan residents can answer this question correctly!

    Clongey, Everybody in Mich knows what the U P is.

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    Are you a "Yooper" Julianna?

    I know what it is, but not why.

    I will look that one up, or UP, or Up.


    I did, and now I know.


    I'm not a Yooper, but glad you know what that means. They've put out really funny C D of guys that sing songs about Yoopers and talk like them . Romeos, you get points for hearing about Yoopers !

    I asked Roy so I know the answer. :)


    That's odd Ted never told me,,,,,
    country bumpkin

    He's mean like that! LOL

    The Upper Peninsula. It's surrounded on 3 sides by water, I believe, Lakes Michigan and Huron ( I didn't look).'s also in the Northern Part of MI. I forgot the other lake, Superior. lake ontario one the five <b>great lakes</b> southern 2 the <b>great lakes</b> ...


    Clonge gave the best answer, maybe b/c New Yorkers are more familiar with the great lakes and Mich than people in other states ( and countries ) are. Romos gets 1st runner up to best answer. Clonge- - and it's surrounded by a huge Lake- - -Lake Superior - - -where the Edmond Fitzgerald - - -a lake freighter broke in 1/2 and sank in the 70s . Clonge, it's separte from the Northern part of Michigan. It's attached by the longest suspension bridge in the's 5 miles. . No, the longest suspension bridge in the world in NOT in Japan, like they tell you on T V . It's in Michigan.

    The 'Upper Peninsular'. I didn't look it up.(Clonge told me)


    Tom,You cheated. Ha ha.

    This just reminds me of a funny weather report my young daughter saw! We lived in Union Pier, Mi at the time and she saw a bad weather report for the UP of Michigan!  I always called our town UP so she thought it was us! Union Pier is in SW Michigan! 


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