Will you exchange or return something or just keep it?

    I ordered on line and the shoes are too big. The price was very special so I'm keeping them for anyone with big feet....

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    We (Roy) ordered a rainproof dog poncho for approx 8 pounds. It's twice the size of our dog.  We waited too long to exchange it for a smaller size and it's a pain in the backside to make a return label.  There are a slew of wet dogs here due to the amount of rain so we are looking for a new owner for this top-notch doggy raincoat still sporting the tags. LOL


    it's cute

    I hate returning things. My wife buys stuff with the idea she will return it if she decides she doesn't want it.

    I may or may not depending on the cost of the item, the distance to and from the store (gas money), if I know someone who might be interested or I may just donate it somewhere. Of course, if it's expensive (for me), it will be taken back.

    Mostly just keep it, see if I can pass it off to somebody who would be able to get use from it.  HOWEVER, I did return several orders from PCH....the stuff was just too tacky and the price was just too high. 

    If something is faulty ,I definitely  return it. If I don't like it or it's the wrong fit I will usually return it.




    exchange. but sometimes I keep it, but not often.

    I return items that I give my friends if they don't like it. Why should I waste my money . I need the money too.,return or donate

    I exchanged, but didn't see the sign. Now, I'm sorry!Image result for wife swap<!--StartFragment-->Image result for no exchanges<!--EndFragment-->

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