Does your pet have a warm and dry "outdoor home"?

    We are getting some much needed rain, though it is coming in downpours, and I am not complaining!

    HOWEVER, when I leave for extended periods of time (more than 5 hours), the dog needs to go outside.  He has hair, not fur, and suffers from some hip dysplasia, AND the 90 pound "baby" has always been a house dog.  I inherited him spoiled!!

    He has a doghouse outside, and a warm cushion inside it, but he'll stand at the back door and bark until the neighbors complain when necessity requires him be outdoors.  I've even left the back door open for him (and anyone who wants to hop the fence and walk right in), and closed off entry into anywhere but the kitchen (which is at the rear of the house), but he still barks and whines. 

    Short of shooting the dog or never going out for more than a few hours, any suggestions?  (I don't leave the door ajar any more).  Toys and chews don't distract him from the goal of being inside.

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    I have no solution to your dog issue because I have the same problem, but your comment about your much-needed rain brought to mind.... My daughter and fiancee from California were here over the summer. Looking at my lush green lawn, he asked my daughter, "What kind of sprinkler system does he use"? My daughter smiled in a way only she can, and pointed to the sky.



    What about installing a doggy door? The back door  will remain shut and locked but the dog can come and go when he pleases and have full access to the house when he comes back inside at night. Of course there is the possibility you'll  receive some  uninvited guests.


    My son wants to cut a dog door for Dieszal, and "my" handyman (he helps the whole complex) says busting a hole in the wall would be less of a problem. I wouldn't be able to use my screened door with a doggy door, and the door would be so big, a large human (such as myself) would have absolutely no problem crawling through. :(
    country bumpkin

    I suppose you could surgically have his vocal cords removed, but this may be cruel.

    Oh, no way. He "speaks"!

    In answer to your original question, Mac has a covered porch, a yard swing complete with cushion, a large shed with a cat door cut out, and we have a doggy, uh, excuse me , a cat door. As far as your puppy goes, I still say get the dog channel on cable and leave him inside complete with a way in and out .....

    Thunder { 4 year old rott} and the outside cats have an old shed they can go in with a small section filled with straw. Thunder comes in at nite when its cold. Next year I plan on getting a pump house from my mother in-law thats not in use anymore  its pretty big about 4'×8' it has no floor right now but I want to put a floor in with the electric radiant floor heat. No exposed wiring or exposed heating devices.


    I could get a small storage shed for him! The issue would still be his whining and barking to get back into the house, but at least he'd be in a dryer spot. I have little yard, live in a condo complex, and really have to watch what I say and do around here. BY-LAWS, you know. If I ever have a home again, it will have a yard and a warm enclosure for whatever 4-footed friends share my roof

    We used to have 2 shi-tzu and they used a doggy door,,but i do not think they make doggy doors for a horse...however i reckon everything else can use it to..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""


    Right, a doggy door for a big dog is an invite to anybody.

    Let him poo, indoors on ocasions,



    No. That would upset him as much as me...he knows better.

    The way I added on our house was to have a back porch so dogs can go from backporch , through garage , to outdoors.all using dog doors. porch is heated and air conditioned as well. They are not stressed or exposed to elements at all. They stay healthier. Bad part is when they bring in dead animals. Easy to clean , just get out leaf blower , open garage doors, and go at it.

    I am always in the doghouse.

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