Are you still writing "2015" on your checks, etc.?

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    I don't write checks, I use cards but I keep and date the receipts. So far, so good....

    Uh, I still write checks....very hesitant to do any banking on the Internet.  So, far, no 2015's. 
    And I sign them in cursive. 


    Cursive? Stop confusing people. Print! lol

    Is Canada abandoning handwriting, also?

    Oh yes. Kids no longer need it, according to some educators who boldly state that what kids really need, is advanced computer skills. Those who wish to keep it, say that the very skill and persistence needed to learn cursive, is more valuable than any kind of computer learning. In any case, it is no longer a compulsory subject and rarely taught in most schools in Canada. :(

    Well, Ducky, I think a heckuva lot more time needs to be taken in class to make sure students learn to at least PRINT legibly, and I still think handwriting gives a better personal identification to documents. When my sons were learning to print, the schools were using D'nealian, which is about as close to cursive as you can get and still be printing. I started using it, too, so my sons would see the concept repeated at home, and I "supervised" their homework to make sure they were starting in the right spot and going in the right direction. Really, if the teachers go back to D'nealian handwriting, it is NOT a huge leap to write cursive. I'm with you; it's a mistake to abandon handwriting. (Of course, not being elected officials, we don't know much, do we)

    Don't know much....have no power. :(

    Checks?? Who uses checks anymore?


    Certain Northern Hemisphere denizens.

    OH I see it's an American thing.
    Cheques? who uses cheques anymore?

    Check.????? what is a check,now i will have to check if i have any checks..( airport check in and check out..supermarket checkout,,new store check it out)sorry Clonge,no checks here..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Checks (Cheques) are so 1975.

    I haven't had the opportunity until now to write (type) 2016.

    No, I'm safely into 2016 but checks? They are rarely used here anymore. Even retail establishments stopped accepting them about three or four years ago.

    I don't write cheques anymore, I did have to write and order out yesterday, at the shop where I work part time. I started to write 2015 then remembered just in time, always takes a while to get used to.

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