Holy Space Invaders, Batman! I just got a new ATARI 2600.

    I was looking for kitchen curtains, which were ridiculously expensive.  THEN, I saw the ATARI Flashback, complete with 2 joysticks AND loaded with 100 games. 
    Did anybody here ever have the ATARI 2600, very popular in the 1970's, when Pong and Pacman were first introduced?  I used to spend hours playing Space Invaders, my favorite.  I had to send the console for repairs once, and my sons enjoyed playing different games into the mid-1990's.  Oh, it was great for their hand-eye coordination, and so banal compared to the video games today.

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    Never actually had an Atari but we had arcade machines on board ship when I was in the Navy, I was good at Space Invaders and Tank Commander, remember them with fondness.

    Wow that's cool and the beauty of this hiding gold is you don't have to hit the local arcade and blow all your allowance ! LOL Go have some fun with that inner child bobby !


    Hi Daren :-)

    I didn't own an Atari but  Centipede was my favorite game to play.

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