The dog barks

    ....for the past two months, I've been leaving the house between 7 and 7:30 M-F mornings, and sometimes not getting home until after 6 p.m.  If the weather is nice, I leave the dog outside, with sufficient water and food, and a nice pillow in his doghouse. 
    If the weather is inclement, I leave the back door ajar and close the "pocket door" between the kitchen and the rest of the house, so he can be in the house, but still get out to "do his business".
    This morning, I got a call from one of our condo board members to let me know the dog barks "for 30 minutes at a time" and someone was upset.  There are several other dogs in the section of the complex where I live, and the dogs across the street are nearly incessant barkers. 
    My youngest son went over to play with the dog and literally wore him out (big time). The dog's "master", my middle son, said he would have a "doggie door" installed so I can keep my door locked when I'm gone, although the doggie door will be big enough for ME to crawl through! 

    In the meantime, I am really upset with the complaining, as the dog does NOT bark every day, and calling me at 9:30 a.m. to make this announcement was frustrating - what am I supposed to do when I am at work?  (I may try to sell my comfortable home and move away from these old geezers who always have to complain about something).

    So the question is, what can I do to lessen the likelihood of the dog barking when I'm not home and he has to be outside?  My son thought I should just leave him in and put "puddle pads" for him.  I am not really thrilled with the idea of encouraging him to "relieve" himself in the house....he's been housebroken since a pup and is about 10 now.  When I am home, he is inside as much as he wants to be.

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    Your last suggestion seems the most feasible one, locking him in while you're out, he has probably got separation anxiety, if he is housebroken well he will be loathe to soil in the house, might it be possible for you to arrange for someone to come over for a wee while to let him out for some fresh air?
    If not, it might be a good idea to have the complainer and the board members shot, it will definitely stop anyone else moaning.


    My youngest son told me he would always "be here" for Dieszal, so your suggestion and diagnosis are right on target.
    I especially like your last suggestion. Their primary purpose eludes me.

    It's a bit of a problem, sounds like he's lonely and worried when you are not there. A doggie door doesn't sound like the best answer, because if you can get through it anyone else might. It could be that the other dogs barking is starting him off, someone calling in to spend a little time with him would be a good idea, and really if he only barks for about half hour then stops it shouldn't bother the old gits that much, as you say some people have nothing better to do.


    I agree with you completely, though using my dead bolts and having a security system that works around the pets may solve the problem of the oversized dog door.

    Before he died, the old guy next door told me that Max barks the entire time when I'm gone. Knowing he was a complainer, I figured he was exaggerating. This year I have set up a video system to record him when I'm away.... Guess what.... my neighbor was right. A few nights ago we were gone over 5 hours and he barked/howled for 4:45 hours until he was completely worn out. Fortunately, Max is always left inside and the noise isn't too bad from the outside. Also the neighbors love him and are more tolerant. If you find a solution, I'm all ears!


    Dieszal is good for 6 hours inside, and my night commitments are no more than 5. I don't doubt he barks as much as the neighbor said; at his age, he's not going to change. He's not moving well after the excess workout from yesterday, poor guy. :-( I hope it's just soreness from lack of exercise, like we get.
    The best solution is the neighbors get ear plugs!

    To stop the worrying of your dog barking and upsetting the neighbors leave him inside and put news paper on the floor.I would much rather clean up the dogs mess than have a narky neighbor complaining.


    I'm thinking of selling my home. These folks have never been good neighbors. He may not use the papers. A couple times he's urinated "at" the litter box. Being a males, this didn't work real well, but one can't fault the effort. He's a good dog.

    Give him to " the dog's master ".........your middle son. Or, give him to the youngest son who comes over to give him quality attention during the day time.


    You mean pass the buck, of course. Neither son has a yard space to accommodate the dog.

    MsBOB, if you can afford it, a crim safe security back door ( dead lock ) with a doggy door and pet alarms fitted with home security system. --- or maybe put the radio on, outside to keep him company may help him from being bored, lonely etc. i did not want to mention this but sometimes there is not an option, it is cruel but it works, a shock collar, depends whether it is legal or not.


    A shock collar wouldn't work if I'm not home to use it, and I wouldn't trust any neighbors with it. I'll look into your security suggestion. The doggy door is happening and I'll use the dead bolts. I've been leaving the radio or TV on lately, too.
    Great ideas, BM. Thank you!

    Dieszal is such a good dog and I found him to be quiet. Actually, come to think of it, I never heard him bark once! Cable has a channel for dogs to watch with all kinds of doggy stuff, you may check it out. Leave it on for  him and he may just stay inside to view. Doggy door though Dieszal is BIG. A dead bold that needs a key to open from inside might would prevent thieves from taking anything. Oh, shoot, I don’t know. The boys need to stop by during your busy days……..



    I didn't have to worry when Alan was here. Yep, a dog door for him is going to have to be disguised as NOT being a doggie door. There must be something out there for large dogs that doesn't invite people to crawl through, too.

    Thank you, friend. I have a guy coming over day after tomorrow to get the project going.

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