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    Do you believe the figures the car dealers tell you when you buy a new car from them..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

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    Not really but I've proven the little VW to be very economical.50 + MPG

    terryfossil 1

    I get about 8klms per litre Tom..2.4 litre Holden...>>>>>>><<<<<<<>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    My ute does the same Terry.2.6 litre Mazda.

    Of course not, never trust a car dealer, and I know a few.

    Of course I do after assuming that they are referring to driving the speed limit on a straight piece of road, no turns, stops. or gear changes……...


    Our VW TDI's get really close to the advertised mileage. To bad the the idots tried to tweak the  numbers. But I'll still buy another one. 2014 is getting 50+ mpg.


    terryfossil 1

    I am with you Adam..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    When I bought my car, in 2010, the good Christian salesman was just as honest as he could be, and worked really hard with his manager to give me the very best deal possible.  They even had someone drive the car I wanted (standard transmission) from Sacramento (150 miles+), assuring me I was getting their very best price.

    So, when I opened the glove box to put in the owner's manual and registration/insurance documents, I found the sticker from the Sacramento dealership, $2000 LESS  than what these thieves in Fresno charged me.  

    Not only will I never buy a car from that dealership, if any car salesman ever tells me he is a Christian as a selling point, I will walk right out of the dealership. 

    My Toyota's manual has the Rav at 9.5 litres per 100 ks, and that is what i'm getting, i am pleased with that as it has a big 4.

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