A vehicle reentering Earth's atmosphere encounters great heat, I am assuming from friction. Does that vehicle also encounter heat leaving Earth's atmosphere? Also, why do some celestial bodies spin on their axis and some remain stagnant?

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    This question is making me spin into outer space!

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    Where's that teacher when we need him?

    less heat leaving the Earth,as there is less atmosphere the closer to space you get,giving you less for the axis question,that would be due to gravitational pulls..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Thanks for your answer terryfossil 1. However it doesn't make sense. The amount of atmosphere the vehicle encounters would be the same coming or going. So, in your opinion, would it experience the same amount of frictional heat both ways?
    terryfossil 1

    Entering earths atmosphere no friction,leaving earth atmosphere,the friction gets less the further up you go,,keep in mind i am not a scientist..i just use common sense..

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