Were you ardent watcher of Gilligan's Island ?

    Who was your favorite character? And don't all say Mary Ann.

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    I've seen every episode at least 20 times. LOL

    Gilligan was my favorite character. I remember thinking the Skipper was mean so I didn't like him much and like Bob, I thought the Professor was hot. :)

    10 Fun Facts About Gilligan's Island>>


    AAwwww, the skipper wasn't mean. He called Gilligan- --" Little Buddy " . He just got exasperated.
    country bumpkin

    I think I was very young when I thought the Skipper was mean, perhaps still a little to young to understand all the words so I mostly noticed how mad Skipper seemed to be a lot of the time-body language. The Skipper kind of grew on me when I got a little older. :)

    Yes we watched every day after school and then my two little brothers would act out the skipper and Gilligan bits and it was really funny .... I loved the underdog ...



    Me too,lindi. And that's a good pic of him.I had the hots on the professor.

    ""He was always my little buddy to..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes, I watched Gilligan's Island. My favorite was the Professor....kinda cute, smart, and so oblivious about the obvious!

    OMG ..YES !   "Gilligan where are you little buddy" !  I believe that's just about how every episode started ..LOL


    Hi Daren,
    Nice to see you back again !

    You bet thanks mom for having me !

    I watched it often and my favorite actor was the little guy that always shouted "Da plane, Da plane!!

    OKay everyone, I'm joking! I definitely liked Mary Ann!


    "Both! Da Plane"
    country bumpkin

    I read somewhere that some of the props used for Gilligan's Island were also shown on Fantasy Island.

    Absolutely, that and Hogans Heroes, Leave it to Beaver, and I dream of Jeannie. I actually got to run into her (Barbara Eden) at a hotel here in Lubbock Texas a few years ago. A very nice lady.


    That's cool.
    country bumpkin

    That is cool!

    Ardent? No. But I did watch it.Amusing.Merry Xmas Julie.


    Tommy, I didn't know you got the feed of U.S. T V comedies in Aus. back then.

    We've had U.S TV since 1957.Leave it to Beaver & all that.
    country bumpkin

    Roy has never seen an episode of Leave It To Beaver. WOW!

    Roy doesn't know what he's missing. You'll have to buy him some episodes of the Beaver off of Amazon .

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