What is the most expensive item you've ever lost?

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    My wedding rings were stolen, along with diamond earrings from my "best" boyfriend and a diamond pendant I was given at my college graduation, gold pendants and charms I'd collected from travels abroad and around, and a beautiful pearl necklace my mother brought me from China.  Those were probably the most expensive objects I've lost.
    I've lost a few friends in my time (well, duh, some of you are likely saying), and those losses, in general, are the greater....some were blessings to lose.

    I don't lose things.I'm too OCD for that.LOL


    me too. I've never lost my phone or purse or a ring.

    I dunno. I've misplaced items but have run across them later. I'm a great at hiding and forget at where. I found eight dollars in the washer, one in the dryer, and one when I was just doing sheets!

    I cannot remember ever losing anything. Does that make me abnormal? (I guess not, according to Tommy.) Wait a minute...let me re-read his answer. lol


    If you ever lost something that belonged to something else, and you got the "BILL" (Get it?), chances are you'd remember!

    When I was a kid I supposedly had a pearl necklace and I lost it!  No one ever said anything about it So I now assume it was probably fake! But this worried me for many years! Not a good thing for a young child! I was probably about 6 or 7  years old at the time!

    Lost my mind in the early seventies once ... still having trouble locating it ... but the most costly thing I've lost in life was my musical career .... bummer !

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    I've lost items, but i can't really say they were expensive, b/c I 've never really owned anything expensive.

    Friends from the Army days,And from all my years of contrating,that have in maney different ways are still part of me now,


    you were in the Army ? ! Where ?

    Probably in the Falklands War...on the Argentinian side!

    Malta,and Libria,m/c/m,In the Royal Artillery,a radio operater most of the time,


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