Write a letter to editor of a news papper on why ragging should banned colleges

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    " ... In the beginning, ‘ragging’ was an amusing practice. it has degenerated into an evil. It has become a synonym for ‘torture’. It should be banned. The supreme court of India has defined it as. “Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken, or written or by act which adversely affect the physique or psyche of fresher or a junior student is an act of ragging.” But if through ragging the decency and morals are violated, one’s body gets injured, if any wrongful restraint and criminals intimidation is involved in it, then ragging becomes a legal offence. For such cases, there are certain punishments in UGC’s anti-ragging guidelines which includes a fine upto RS 25,000, cancellation of admission, with holding scholarship, debarring from appearing for exams, suspension or expulsion from hostel ad rustication from a period of one to four semesters... "

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