does menapause cause dizzyness

    i started menapause at the age of 47, and iv been dizzy ever since

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    I've been accused of being dizzy my entire More seriously, I would hope you have spoken to your doctor.This symptom could be an inner ear imbalance, it could be your low in iron or anemic,it could be blood pressure and the list goes on. Earlier in a question I had answered I suggested she go to a naturopath and seek alternative answers. They may find you have too much of a hormone or not enough or some thing is out of balance in your body. I would not ignore this issue.
    One of the many symptoms of menopause is dizziness, so you nothing to worry about, but the best thing to do is to go and see a doctor to reject any other medical situation that can cause dizyness.

    If you suffer from minor Dizziness symptoms, and the doctor rejected other reasons for your dizziness, you can try to focus on being well hydrated and getting a lot of sleep. Doctors say it can relief the symptoms of diziness, while Being dehydrated and not sleeping well can worsen your dizziness, or even be the cause for it.

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