Mark Zuckerberg to donate 99% of his Facebook shares to charity. Thoughts?

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    I guess he will still have enough for a Burger,and cup of coffee


    If he were English, it would be a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

    Was listening to the radio discussing this and I agree with the DJ, the money should have been given directly to the source as the government steps in and lawyers and this and that otherwise. That just leaves a pittance for the intended……...


    Nice! Can't take it with you anyway.

    A very nice work performed by zuckerberg

    No matter what a millionaire does, s/he'll be criticized for doing it. Oprah Winfrey has been criticized too, as has Bill Gates, when being very generous. It seems it's never enough or never the right recipient. Millionaires are not required to give anything to anyone, ever!


    Oh, would you mind pointing out that last statement to the liberal left wing here in the US, as they seem to be under the impression EVERYONE (except them) should be giving as much as possible to someone else (after paying taxes on it), until everyone is "the same", (except them).

    Oh they're here too. More social programs for everyone. Let's get the rich (who don't need all of that money they've earned) to help all of the poor, homeless people (who need not explain WHY they are homeless) and then we'll all be "even". How nice.

    100% in agreement. The only person down and out who ever said "I have no one to blame but myself" when asked "What happened? " that I have talked to is my son, and I have talked to many "down and out".
    I didn't help him "out" .

    Same thinking in the "soup kitchen" line ups. Every week on the news, someone is crying about how the "need" is increasing. Really? Do you think that word of mouth on the streets might be helping the increase? Do you think that publicizing the soup kitchen every second night on the local news might be helping the increase? I thought soup kitchens were to help those in a sudden bind, not those who "need" to go there every night for supper for the past 6 years. But, that's just non-compassionate me. (And yes, I have experienced very serious financial strain over a period of a few years. I know what it's like.)

    Well, Ducky, I think you should just hi-tail it down to the corner and pick up your free cell phone, with unlimited text and talk minutes. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful that I have no need to ask others, expect others, be forced by others, etc. to get assistance from someone else, and I know there are many who have a genuine need. I also know there are many who put themselves in a bad way by their own bad choices, and the assistance for those folks should be far different. AND, NO form of assistance should last beyond a designated time, and certainly not generation to generation.

    "Being helped" should not be a permanent way of life.

    Yep. Back to the term paper. Check out Greek guy, Alcibiades....there was a character!

    My parents had a file in one of their office drawers that was labeled "anonymous gifts".  There was an accounting of who got how much and when. Without that list, no one would  ever have known the extent of their generosity.  I have a lot more respect for those who need no spotlight.





    Very cool indeed.

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