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    """T" is for turkey. Don't's not happening, despite some of the "turkey contributors" here. After tomorrow, these 2 birds will likely to have been consumed. Anyway, a happy thanksgiving to everyone!

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    ""We are forgoing turkey this year because we don’t want the leftovers. I’m opting for a game hen each with all the sides. (What’s a henway) Hey New Yorker! May your holiday be grand and the meat and fixings to die for……….




    A hen weighs about 3 lbs.?


    All the best, to all of you!



    Thanks! Do you have Thanksgiving "Down Under"? Anyway, if you cook turkeys, are they cooked upside-down, being that you're in the Southern Hemisphere? If so, how does the stuffing stay in?

    No Clonge we don't have Thanksgiving here. It's a shame though,I think it is a lovely celebration/tradition.

    Why do you have thanksgiving..?????..what is it honest question..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    During the early years of settlement of America by European settlers, a day of thanksgiving was celebrated in the autumn thanking God for the bountiful harvest of crops during the growing season. It became a tradition each year but didn't become a national holiday until proclaimed by President Lincoln in the 1860's.
    Clonge Hopefully, we all have at least something to be thankful for. I have my friends here, as well as many other things.
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    Thanks Flip and Clonge..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    i read somewhere the Native Americans are not impressed with Thanks Giving, anyone can put light on this?

                                    Have a wonderful day!

    Happy Thanks giving to all Americans.  :)


    Don't try to lump all Native Americans into a group, BM, as they are identified also by tribe. I've not read or heard this claim, but haven't researched it, either.
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    I imagine they would pretty much the same as our Black Fellas,,What we call Australia Day some of them prefer Invasion Day..maybe different in the US..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I am not well-acquainted with Native Americans who live on a reservation except for a friend in Bellingham, Washington. She has always been (and continues to be) a smart, forward thinking, leader in her community. While we've never talked about it, I kind of doubt she is harboring a grudge against me for something none of my ancestors did to hers.
    I think it's important for people to keep perspective. While Native Americans and African Americans and just about everybody else can point a finger at "Caucasian" or "Euro-Americans" and scream about something, NO ONE today had anything to do with the mass discrimination and treachery inflicted on their ancestors. OR THEM.

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