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    My mom was a registered nurse, but she spent less than 5 years in practice, and nearly 40 as the bookkeeper for my dad's trucking company. Yet, in a form she filled out at the funeral parlor who prepared her remains for burial, she put "registered nurse" as her profession.
    THAT was something she felt important to be remembered/reminded.
    What would you want people to know about you, "after the fact"?

    ME?  I would want my sons and their families to know they were the best part of me....being a mom and grandma.

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    She was a real riot

    Then died in one ...

    Oh the irony!

    I've been thinking of this question off and on today. The one thing which comes to mind is that when I love I love with all my heart. Some people don't know how to do this. Sounds sort of corny, I know. :)


    Not to me, CB. I can't do that.

    It's the only way to really love CB.

    I don't want either nor a service. I'm to be cremated and have nothing planned for the ashes. Dump're. This concerned my brother so I told him the waters in Port Aransas....


    jh, what would you like to be remembered for ?

    OK. What that has to do with the question confuses me, though.

    not a thing

    That i believe anybody can change,,and i became a better human being than the person in the early years..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    For people to speak their minds without fear of favour,without their words being redacted,

    "...He left with 10,000,000 Karma points..."

    Moderating a forum stressed her out and she died!




    Aww! C'mon Ducks.You luv it!

    MOST days, it' :)

    You love us and you know it (and we love you)

    Oh yes, yes. I love all of you. What would I ever do without you! :)

    More golf, more painting, reading, walks, hanging out with friends.....

    Oh, you're right. :)

    Here is a poem by Oscar Wilde probably in memory of his sister:



    Tread lightly, she is near

    Under the snow.

    Speak gently, she can hear

    The daisies grow.


    All her bright golden hair

    Tarnished with rust.

    She who was young and fair

    Fallen to dust.


    Lily like, white as snow

    She hardly knew

    She was a woman so

    Sweetly she grew.


    Coffin board, heavy stone

    Lie on her breast.

    I vex my heart alone,

    She is at rest.

    Peace, peace she cannot hear

    Lyre or sonnet.

    All my life's buried here.

    Heap earth upon it.


    Intensely personal. Is this something like you'd want if you had funeral services?

    This problem does not exist for us atheists; when we die a hole opens and we drop down into the burning pit for eternity. Much simpler!

    It seems to me many of your answers and attitudes contradict each other as far as whether you believe in "God" or not. There are all kinds of gods for all kinds of situations and faiths. Am I to understand that you believe in absolutely none of them, or are you particularly singling out one (or two...)?

    Too deep ...
    terryfossil 1

    Nom,you are an atheist that believes in the eternal burning fires but not God,,you are are very confused man,Nom.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Nom knows exactly what he's doing. Why he feels the need eludes me.

    Ashes to ashes,

    Dust to dust,

    The Lord don't want him,

    So the Devil must.

    This is my plan.. ""


    The Bios Urn

    Let’s convert cemeteries into forests!

    The Bios Urn is a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert you into a tree after life. Mainly composed of two parts, the urn contains a seed which will grow to in the name of your loved one. Bios Urn turns death into a transformation and a return to life through nature.
    terryfossil 1

    Sadly JDB,someone would then come along and cut it down to build an apartment building on it,,sounds like a good idea though mate..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    That would be my luck terry..

    I'm out of votes, but love this idea and will look into it for myself.
    I used my uncle's ashes when planting a tree in my "new" back yard several years ago. I had to sell the farm, and only hope the tree has been nurtured.

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