What kind of driver are you?

    I confess. I go from zero to the speed limit as quickly as possible......

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    Do you still pull off to the side of the road when there is a car behind you, or do you let them take the initiative to pass when safe?

    Depends on what is safest. Getting rear ended or arriving 3 minutes later....

    And remember, I had only been driving a month. Although I lack your aggression, I'm less forgiving now days....

    What I remember best is sitting on the side of the road while a bunch of cars passed by. I thought we'd never get on the road! Glad you are more confident.
    You say aggressive like I was running people off the road.

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    Comfortable, but intense; I know what's going on around me, behind me, and ahead of me, anticipating what might happen.  I don't like to be behind people who are not going "with the flow" of traffic that is in our lane, nor do I like being tailgated by someone when I am going "with the flow" of traffic that is in our lane.  I do not tailgate, having received a citation for doing just that several years ago.     :(  

    I would probably piss off alot of you!  I drive probably slower than you! But I don't need to pass you to get to the stop light 3 seconds ahead!  So you might hear me talking about the car that got to the stop light a nano second before me!



    I am getting a kick out of doing that....meeting them at the stoplight

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