Is there any question you would ask of just one member?

    Who and What.

    Let's play nice.

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    I like stories. How about how did you come to live where you are? Like I moved here to help David......long story


    Asked of which member? Pick just one.

    All of them . Surely they weren't all born in their homes.....

    Chiangmai comes to my mind because the very last question he answered on aka was my 300K congratulations thread and he posted this picture and said, " Yipee I-O Rope 'em in, cowgirl!

    Chiangmai posted this picture soon after ROMOS asked me to marry him and before it was announced on aka that Roy and I were together. I would like to ask him if this picture is only a coincidence or did he figure it out on his own by reading our comments to each other-like some sixth sense or what.


    Colleen nearly got him C/B,one night when she was up for it,

    But Ted had a headach,

    Yes there are questions I would like to ask but I fear it would wound the member!  So I remain silent!


    same here
    country bumpkin

    My curiosity has been aroused.

    how is the bowling going Bob??


    First half of the season is done. My partner and I finished first on Monday and my "girls" and I finished first on Wednesday. My Tuesday team (my "boys") and I were in first place for weeks and weeks, then fell apart and finished a dismal 4th.
    I'm averaging 188 on Monday, 178 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and about 182 subbing on Thursday. Are you bowling regularly? How are you doing??

    Quite good averages to be proud of,esp,the 188,,

    I'm blessed my teammate always encourages me and gives me a heads-up on improving my game. Mostly I miss on my follow-through, not coming out of the ball with my fingers or keeping my release straight. So far, though, haven't flung the ball into the lane beside me....yet.

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