Have you ever known a murder victim?

    Just curious. I love a story.....

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    Yes.  He was a year ahead of me in high school.  My sister's roommate thought she lost a ring, and her boyfriend thought this guy had stolen it.  BF picked up the guy and took him out to a vineyard, demanded the ring, and when the guy didn't have it, BF opened the trunk, pulled out a shotgun (?) and killed him.  When he got back to his apartment (next door to my sister and his GF, and two doors away from me), the GF greeted him with, "Guess what!  I found my ring."

    The BF was arrested within a couple of days and spent a looooong time in prison.
    Drugs played a part in this tragedy, 1971.


    Oh, gosh. I've lost my breath....

    As a matter of fact......YES!  I have. They never found the perpetrator.He was beaten to death outside of a pub.That was 40 years ago.


    Ow, unfair. Makes me wonder....

    Yes. One was a kidnapping and was found dead in a local stream. Another was a man who was shot point blank because he was mouthy in a bar. Anyone that knew him, knew he was like that when he was drunk, but knew he would have never hurt a fly. And a small child who was knifed by a man who escaped from the local insane asylum.


    More than your share, sadly

    Yeah, enough already.....

    I just thought of another person I knew when I was a teacher and he was in junior high. I wouldn't begin to describe the horror around that. :(

    A lot of sadness for sure.

    I knew a guy on a holiday camp,,i heard he was killed in a car accident a few years later while driving alone,,,although i know he had never driven a car in his life..he was an upmarket pimp,he got his girls to drive him everywhere,,leaves a few questions to be asked hey.???????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Now I'm gonna stay awake wondering.....

    Sadly I do! A friend of mine (years ago) was found dead in a ditch -Beaten and strangled to death!  Someone I knew was questioned about it and not arrested but I believe he had something to do with it! And the worst was my brother was murdered by a gunshot to the head!  He was homeless at the time and someone blew his head off! Never have arrested anyone for this as  but it caused all his family great sorrow!


    Oh clu. How very sad for you. :(

    Very sorry to read about your brother. I can not begin to imagine the grief you and your family have experienced.
    Hard to lose a friend to murder :(

    Disappearance for sure but murder? When I was a little kid, a neighbor of ours went out in a canoe on a fishing trip. One person said that he had gone alone...another said that that was not true because he had seen him take off in the canoe with another man. Never found him nor the canoe. Always a question about that. I still remember that his name was Doug and he was a very jovial man.

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