For Americans: Which state do you live in, and if you had to move to another, which one would it be and why?

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    Easy. I live in Texas and it's so big I shouldn't have to move away!  But, if I must, I enjoyed my time in NYC and would love to reside there. Never get bored. Oh, I'm rich as long as we're dreaming, right?


    Being a North American .... I live in the ....




    Dude can you see me? {:=3D

    I reside in UPSTATE New York. Love the scenery, hate the taxes and politics. Would love to live in the Blue Ridge Mountain areas of Western Virginia.

    country bumpkin

    I rode a motorcycle through Virginia and camped out in Virginia. Absolutely Beautiful!

    LOL Clonge what if an American's first choice is to move across the pond!

    All joking aside, I was born and raised in Texas, but  as beautiful as Texas is I would never want to move back there because it is just to darn hot. If ROMOS and I chose to move back to the USA my suggestions to him would be Colorado followed by Virginia, Indiana and either Vermont or Florida.  The states I have chosen are not random, I have either visited or lived in these states.


    I concur.

    I'd move to Fife. I already have 2 friends there!

    Always will.
    country bumpkin

    Fife! Two friends! Awesome!!!

    It's very hot , humid and buggy in Flor, C B . and there are lizards and gators all over.
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    MCM I know all about Florida because I lived there. Florida's summer temperature averages in the low 90's which is considered a cool front to someone like me who is originally from Texas where temps climb above 100. Where I lived in Florida we got a little rain shower almost every afternoon which was a welcome break from the area in Texas where I lived that sometimes goes without rain for a couple of months.

    Anything else you think I don't know and want to enlighten me about MCM?

    California has always been my home, but if you made me move, I'd likely wind up in Maine or New Hampshire. Where I visited was so peaceful and rural, with big cities like Boston, NYC, etc. just a few hours away!


    They're nice, but have you ever experienced prolonged real cold weather?.

    No, but I could try it once, and would likely hate it. NOT a big fan of cold

    I live in Michigan, but born in Indiana!  Taxes in Michigan are high!  Recently went to the Carolinas and they seem very friendly!  However the Carolinas are building like crazy! If a country place was possible I would consider it! Not horrible weather!  Only pest things I heard about were fire ants!


    i was born in st. louis, mo, live in california, would love to live in las vegas, nv because i love entertainment, the beautiful hotels, food, gambling.

    I live in rural Connecticut and would never move. I plan on leaving my home feet first, but not soon.

    Live in Mich. Always wanted to move to N. Carolina, b/c the weather is a lot more temperate down there. The mountains are beautiful, the temp is cool at night for sleeping b/c you're in the foothills of the mountains. The rolling hills looks like N. Mich.

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