Holdiay Baking Championships!

    I love watching many of the cooking competitions, especially the holiday themed ones.  We are just past Halloween, with Thanksgiving next week (USA) and Christmas not far behind.
    Do you have a favorite food item that seems to make its way to the table only at holidays?  What might that be?
    I make an Armenian cheese bourag for my friend's holiday open house. My son asked me to bring it for Thanksgiving this year, too.  It's only a few ingredients, not difficult, but time consuming. Worth the effort, though....totally worth the effort.


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    Nope. Sorry.


    Can I be real simple? This one always makes it to a holiday table. Slices bananas, chilled with mandarins oranges equally chilled. Cost with sour cream and sprinkle sugar to taste. Let it sit in the fridge a while....

    Looks something like this:


    Candied sweet potatoes is the request I get! Also my ham gets good ratings! :)


    What time is dinner?

    The lucky ones on my Christmas list get a stick of deer summer sausage I make.


    Do you hunt deer?

    Would you mind adding me to that list, please.

    Only when legal.

    Cornbread dressing (with oysters if they are available).

    Holy Smoking bake potatoes as ,as Batman might say,

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