Are you getting a lot of "junk mail" asking for holiday donations?

    Honestly, I've got to wonder how much they spend in advertising, address labels, calendars, and little note pads....oh, yes, the occasional ink pen.

    Do you contribute to any charity on a regular basis?  Which one(s) do you like.

    My preference is St. Jude's Hospital for Children. 


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    We didn't  recive our yearly calendar or any address labels this year, boo hoo.

    Roy and I are both members of a pet site which provides food for homeless pets.


    I have one hungry pigeon,who has a full grown tail now,
    country bumpkin

    Is the pigeon ready to fly the coop now Dennis?

    Yes I think so,but he seems to have got ues to my cockatils,and is is jet black,i will miss him/her,??

    Fingerhut, bigger and bigger catalogs and my credit is good for a lot of mail orders. What outdoes all of this is the offers to loan me money! I’m tempted to consolidate my cards and make one payment. NOPE, not going to do it, save your typing fingers……...

    I get TONS of requests!  My favorites are Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Salvation Army and Children funds.  You can check what they really use for their cause by Googleing them! You might get a BIG surprize!  Some spent 80 to 90 % on funding!  And few funds go to the cause! Check them out!

    i do get a lot of junk mail. my better half loves it and contributes to some. we have more labels, calendars and pens. i usually give the calendars away early january. even tho i love calendars myself. i like to give to the homeless outside, mainly so they realize that people 'see' them and care. they always say 'God bless you' and i feel he's blessing me too and them.



    Hi jhh....your answer didn't post. ????

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