Which side do you sleep on?

    I start off on my left, roll to my left  and if I want to dream I end up on my back.....

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    You really DO hate to admit that you'd ever lean "RIGHT", don't you!! :o)

    Smiley, smiley, smiley.....

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    Roy likes to sleep on the left side of the bed so I sleep on the right side. My two ex husbands liked to sleep on the left side of the bed too. When I sleep alone it varies which side I choose to sleep. When we crawl into bed at night I snuggle up next to Roy's back (facing him) until we start sticking together because sleeping next to him is like sleeping next to a furnace.  It does me no good to try to sleep on my back because I snore so Roy pinches my nose shut, pulls my hair or pokes me in the eyes with a safety pin while I'm sleeping until I'll turn over.


    I just hope that he doesn't do all three at once. That would not be kind. lol
    country bumpkin

    He alternates. LOL

    All sides.....left, right, back, stomach.



    Are those two people under the covers ?

    Skinny ones.

    I start of on my right then roll to my back then snore my wife into her grave,,or so she tells me..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Left side mainly, if I roll onto my back I snore, then I get pushed over.


    Either the right or the left.... The wife gets the middle half!! (we are talking about which side of the bed, right?)

    mostly back. 

    I always start on my back, propped up a little with two pillows.  I seldom get to move, as the cat zeros in on me, plunking down on me and pinning me in one spot.  If I do wake up in a different position, it's generally on my stomach, with my left leg bent and my neck turned left, also. 

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