Ever Wanted To Be On Television ?


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    Ummmm,Yeah.Millionaire hotseat with 15 easy questions. :)

    I was on T.V. when I was very young , around six or seven. I was on THE UNCLE JAY SHOW, talk show for kids to chat with , cartoons, kiddie bread from the bakery and Uncle Jay, Piper Dyer and Somebody Jack (real name : Jack Wallace who had gone to school with my mom.) It was my birthday. Uncle Jay had broken veins and red eyes....

    See clip here:


    he sounds like a drinker. My only claim to fame was when my brownie troop was on T V - - - on the Sage Brush Shorty Show. Unfortunately, I had the flu but was determined to go . So, I threw up in the lady's car that was driving us there and I felt so nauseous during the show when they passed out chips and other food. I think I had a fever too. :-(


    This one. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was my favorite. Mary, Lou, and Murray very much resembled three of the people I worked with at the time. They said I could play Rhoda!


    country bumpkin

    You would have been great on this show. LOL

    As the SA Rhoda like my co-workers used to say?

    No,,closest i came to fame,,i played in a grand final rugby league game when in grade 7,,at the cauldron ,,,and lost,,,such is fame..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for rugby league photos of lang park

    When I was a kid I wanted to be on TV. I did have my name and pictures printed in the local news paper a few times back in the 90's when I was a member of my local Beta Sigma Phi. I guess this is my closest claim to fame. LOL

    If I had to chose from the choices given I would like to be on The Big Bang Theory.


    CB....Knock knock........CB....Knock knock.......CB...Knock knock!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have been on tv being interviewed for a event group i was doing public relations work for. also an extra for a couple of movies, which is great fun meeting all the people that work in that field all the time, as extras and people seeking work in commercials. age did not seem to be a factor with this group. young and old were enthusiastic about working as actors etc. if i could be on a show for 30 days, it would be a talk show. i love discussion and debate.

    A former sister-in-law (whom I didn't like very well) used to tell me I looked like Don Knotts. I could see myself as Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith's show for a month.


    That was a funny character for sure.

    ABSOLUTELY!  I would love to have a regular role in a series - comedy, drama....I don't care which. Being a contestant on a game show would be a hoot.  Sitting in the audience...not so much.

    Family Feud would be cool with my three sons and one other female, just for the sake of doing something as a family.  I was on a bowling competition show when I was 10, the very last week. I beat my opponent in a 4 frame match, 32-28 and she even had a spare!  Dad took pictures of me on TV - hair in ringlet curls, wearing glasses, oh, what a sight!! 

    Now, I would really enjoy being on "Mysteries at the Museum" for a month.  Each show features about 4 different museums and mysteries.  Multiply that by 30 (or just the weekdays) and I'll be traveling to a lot of places to film those shows to be broadcast at a later date.  VERY COOL!!!

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