How do you get to sleep?

    Me? I medicate. Is it a habit? I have no intention of finding out ....

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    STILL, gotta lie STILL, it's a navy thing, served me well through the years.

    country bumpkin

    You ain't kiddin'!


    Sometimes, I get started like this.        :)


    I just tell her "not tonight Dear, I have a headache"!

    I get to sleep however I want, wherever I want, pretty much whenever I of the perks of living alone! 

    Generally, though, I get to bed between 11-12, turn on the TV so low I can't hear it, setting the timer for 30-60 minutes.  Then I'll play a couple of games on my phone, plugged in beside the bed.  That about does it. 

    I'd rather be reading, but not right now. 

    Image result for apnea machine photos  Having sleep Apnea means i sleep like the dead,,so when i can afford the machine it will keep me from being dead..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    since in a way i love being awake, i watch tv, read a book and tend to just fall asleep against my will. but then i hate to wake up early in the morning too. my favorite is go to sleep at 2 or 3 am and get up at 10 am. most every body in my family are night owls, except mother.


    I too am a night owl.

    Works for me, too, but I don't like missing half the morning. It might be good for me to sleep from 1 p.m. until about 7 p.m., then be up until 3 a.m., then sleep til 6 or 7 a.m. I really have no energy or drive in the afternoons, except now that I'm working.

    my meds aren't as strong as they used to be- - -by design......., in other words, I was the one that asked my Dr to reduce the # of times per day that I take my meds.........b/c I was spending too much time sleeping and lounging around and not caring about anything. So, now, it takes me a while sometimes to go to sleep ; or I wake up too early and can't get back to sleep.

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