Hello, pyth. There is a really offensive question posted right now about 3 or 4 down. It's the f word. AND the nickname is nasty too

    I just checked the latest questions and found nothing of your description. It's been deleted I would say.

    The duck finally got it (her puter had been down for hours). Geez, it had been up since last night!!!

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    I don't remember eating or seeing a sausage roll in the USA like what is described in your link Pyth.

    Roy took me to a bakery for breakfast and I ordered the sausage roll thinking it was the same thing as what I've grown up referring to as a pig in a blanket so I got a surprise when I bit into it. LOL

     Something else I've learned while in Scotland is what the UK and the USA call a pig in a blanket is not exactly the same thing either.

    Let me see if I've got this correct:

    This is a Sausage Roll, sausage wrapped in pastry but the sausage inside the roll is ground/minced sausage instead of a link.


    This is  what the UK refer to as a Pig in a Blanket, sausage link wrapped in bacon.

    The last two pictures are what the USA refer to as Pig in a Blanket which is pastry wrapped around a sausage link or a wiener.


    Our true Aussie sausage rolls are the ground mince ones same as pic1.The others look like they are a sausage roll in disguise.Lol
    country bumpkin

    Well geezo I'm not going back to find another picture. LOL


    We call anything with sausage in it a. pig in the blanket. I peeked at the link and they look wonderful: pastry and sausage, not heavy bread like our biscuits , run them this way, invest in a food truck and we’ll hit the streets………..   Something different from our……….


    Nah! Not the same thing Julie.We have pigs in blankets too.They're nice but not sausage rolls.

    They would be a Frankfurt.Our sausage rolls are made with sausage mince.

    Image result for sausage roll photos  Sausage roll and blood,,great stuff Python..good thing i just had tea,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Blood ? Don't you mean "Dead horse" the Aussie slang for tomato sauce ? Lol
    terryfossil 1

    Your onto me Pyth..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    "Dead 'Orse" & "Dead Black 'Orse", Right on Pyth.

    We call our sausage rolls............" Pigs in a blanket "


    Yes we have them too.Ours are a Frankfurt wrapped in puff pastry.

    Hi, Pythonlover.  I have never tasted, nor even heard of, a sausage roll made with the ingredients you in Australia use.  Our America version is, as others have said, make with a simple hot dog, or a sausage (pork or turkey) link.  When I hear "pigs in a blanket", I ONLY think of a pancake rolled around a breakfast sausage link.   (this isn't that hard, really, pretty straight forward question)


    I prefer a GOOD sausage roll, emphasis on good sausage meat and pastry.

    There is an excellent meat market that grinds a variety of tasty sausages...I could see some of them making a delicious sausage roll, but nothing ING the regular groceries here.

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