What quality do you admire most in your best friend?

    My best friend has been my friend for 58 years. We've never argued - we've actually never had anything to argue I guess she's so much like me?

    Nah, that can't be it....she's a terrific cook!

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    Well....she has put up with me all these years.Given me beautiful kids/grandkids & stabilised my life.What else can I say?

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    Nuff said Tom,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    My wife is my only friend,and her honesty and loyalty are unquestioned,,though we do not always agree on everything..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    She's always there for me when I need her.

    That she is ALWAYS right. A quality that I apparently do not possess. 


    It probably helps that you know this. :-/

    Their Bowling skills,

    Her face to be blunt.....



    isent it bliss,arnt we a pair,

    my best friends tend to be interested in some of the things i'm interested in. they like to talk talk talk and we call discuss most things.  a really best friend we can discuss secrets.

    Best male friend is Roy. He loves me for who I am and doesn't try to change me. He's honest, funny, handsome and smart with a good bit of dorkiness all rolled into one cuddly, lovable ball.

    Best female friend is/was my friend Linda who died in 2005. Linda was smart, beautiful and nice to everyone. I loved her most for her loyalty and honesty to me. Example: Linda could have kept her mouth shut but she pulled me aside and told me that my husband was sticking his hands up her skirt when she was driving him home drunk from a bar one night. Linda also was very honest with me when I was screwing up and didn't sugarcoat anything, she told me the truth rather it hurt my feelings or not.


    A man who really loves a woman will always love her as she is, as he fell in love with her. Women (so I've read) often try to change the man after they marry. I think women find out those men AREN'T the princes they fantasized them to be! My ex and I spent years trying to change each other. hmmmmm

    Her honesty and may I add her kindness also.

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