How many here have visited New York City, and if so, what do you like about it, if anything? What do you dislike, if anything?

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    You know you saw me there. I loved the subways and the 9/11 memorial - off the top of my head.... 


    I know. How could I forget?

    Always, sweetheart....

    I haven't had the pleasure Clonge but if I make it to New York I will visit all the major tourist attractions and I must try a slice of New York pizza. I read an article several years ago which mentioned some pizzeria's from other US states order water from New York to make their pizza's because the water comes from the Hudson River makes for a very unique flavour.


    Let me know if and when you're coming. We'll do lunch...on me, of course. As for the Hudson, it is not a source of NYC's water supply. It's polluted for most of its length. There are reservoirs north of the city which provide drinking water.
    country bumpkin

    I've heard the Hudson is very polluted but I thought it was filtered/decontaminated through the water company before running through the taps. Your offer is certainly one we wouldn't pass up Clonge and the drinks are on us. :)

    I liked meeting YOU, of course.
    The subways were awesome...I love riding the subway.  There are many historic sites, which I enjoyed visiting...churches, museums, Central Park, Ellis Island, Grand Central, 9/11 Memorial, Riding the Staten Island Ferry....
    Two things I didn't like were (1) the crazy-a$$ route to the rental car return and (2) Coney Island - coming from California, we have so much more beachfront, and it's not as crowded.  

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    I liked meeting you too! Come "bac" soon!

    I was there in late January 2015, i found it crowded, that was my only complaint, i enjoyed all the tourist spots, Empire State Building, Water Taxi passed the Stature of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Apple Shop, and i found New Yorkers very friendly, i like to go again in the warmer months, i was bitterly cold when i was there. :)


    If you intend to come again, let me know. Maybe we can do lunch. On me, of course!

    No invertations of lunch for me I notice,??????????????

    Will do,Clonge, :)

    Hector: I didn't notice that you intend to come. If so, you're invited too!

    We are only a short train ride to NYC. I have gone a few times with friends. Once to visit my sister-in-law who lived there on West 70th for a weekend. Couldn't wait to get home and enjoy the quiet of Connecticut and walk outside onto my green lawn. Too many people and too busy for me. The best time I ever had was a few years ago when my daughter and I took the train to skate at Rockerfeller Center. Other than that, you can keep NYC.

    I've never been but I'm sure I would enjoy seeing live plays, big name entertainers and the usual tourist attractions. I'm just as certain that I would not like the congestion....way too many people and way too much traffic for me.

    I Have been to London that has a lot of history,and the streets have names,

    The only problem I had was knowing when to tip in restaurants; sometimes you should, sometimes not. I understand that some employees are taxed as if they were tipped so the tip is part of their income. Why don't restaurants pay their workers a living wage?


    You can find out before dining about the tip. Some add a gratuity to the bill, e.g. 20% for a party of 4 or more. If you feel the service is exceptional, you can leave something for the waiter/waitress, additionally. Even if the waiters weren't tipped, the government would estimate how much they would've received. They won't buy the story, "I didn't get any tips."

    Clonge, Aussies at first have a problem with tipping as it is not our custom to do so, when i visited California it was hard to be served if they knew we were Aussies, plus i resent tipping if the service was a lot to be desired, i knew better when i visited New York. :)

    The maches in manhatton by some of your friends,

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