How many children did you decide to have and why ?

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    My goal was six. That sounded ideal. I was blessed with one...... Why? Only God can answer that.....


    my life was similar. I wanted 4, but I wasn't blessed with a one :'-(

    Something to ask Him about...

    Three children were my goal and I wanted either three boys are two boys and one girl. I was blessed with one boy and I had a miscarriage that I have a feeling was a girl so I named her Callie after a younger sister of a friend of mine because Callie was so sweet, innocent and very pretty.


    Each one is a miracle and blessing.

    I wanted 4 the hubby wanted 1 we settled on 2. It's the new math.

    I wanted 4 sons, like my Aunt Grace and Uncle Ken have. 
    By the time I was married and expecting a child, at 34, one seemed plenty.
    Somewhere along the way, I was blessed with two more.  I get the feeling that a fourth would have also been a son.....


    My mom was also 34 when she had her first baby. Then , she had a miscarriage, and then , almost 3 years later, I was born :-) That was it. Both my parents told me they would have liked more children, but they were older and money was tight.

    My first was 2 months premature and I had some serious depression following his birth for a number of reasons. The second was due the same date, one year later, and I had medication and bed/couch rest to delay his birth - was showing signs of early delivery with him, as well. During my last pregnancy, I developed gestational diabetes, and labor was induced two weeks before the due date. My youngest is 2 years and 5 months younger than the middle, and 3 years, 6 months and 5 days younger than the eldest. We changed diapers for 7 years non-stop! :D

    I have a neighbour who is the last of 11 children, and his mother died giving birth to him.  Contraception is one of the advantages of modern civilisation.

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