I've noticed no one is getting any younger here!

    No offense, but let's be honest.  Time marches on, and sometimes the beat seems to be too fast.

    So, the question is,  "What is it about getting older that you are having a hard time 'accepting'?   Are you fighting the aging process in any way, and - if so - how?"

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    I concur m'lady! LMHO!

    LMBO :-D

    You know MsBob, i could not wait to retire, the irony is i miss working. i think it is hard to give up a routine i have been doing for almost 50 years, i have noticed i am ageing of course, my hair is slowly but surely turning grey, i am lucky it lasted this long, the good thing is 'With age comes Wisdom'. :)


    I know what you mean, BM! My dad managed his trucking company until he was in his early 80's. My mother did the bookkeeping all that time (she was 4 years younger than Dad). I asked my Dad why he didn't retire earlier and he said it was because he wouldn't know what to do with himself. He'd worked almost 24/7 for so many years, he'd never developed any hobbies or many non-business relationships. He liked to play cards and go to Las Vegas.
    That grey hair can be kid says I don't look 50 yet (silly kid).
    Thanks for your answer! Enjoy yourself - stay busy.

    You just do not look it Kent.I thought you were in your 29/30ishes,
    terryfossil 1

    I know where you are coming from Kent,,i am having a few of those problems myself..gotta find a way to be worthwhile..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    @Terry....Want to feel worthwhile? Volunteer organizations are crying for help. Tell them you're available.

    Funny to have it mentioned, I turn 58 in 4 days. Am I old and grown up? According to my sister, I'm still 12. I like my age all it took getting here.....


    I thought you were about early thirtys Miss Juilie,??

    Why, thank you, thank you!

    Like I said, some people try to make others feel unworthy to make themselves feel better. Some day, they'll get called for that behavior. It would be interesting to hear the excuses and watch the backpedaling.

    You're just a kid, jh. I would even like to be 60 again :-\

    Hard to accept that I can no longer accomplish as much in a day. Everything takes longer than it used to and I don't like that. Fighting it with daily exercise and healthy eating. It still doesn't prevent the "slow down". Ugh.


    It is November 1, and I now have only 60 days to drop 10 pounds....well, now it is 15. :( The gym sent me a postcard - they'll drop $10 from my monthly fees if I come back....$9/month is hard to pass up....but I just don't want to go there.

    Why not?

    It just doesn't seem clean. I'm so out of shape, I wouldn't be diving right in to doing tough workouts, but just thinking about going there and all that sweat all over everything.....ick. I used to swim a lot (vvvvveeeerrrryyyy sssslllloooowww), which is what I would probably try to do again. I have a temporary part time job and school and bowling. It is actually the right time to add the gym time, so maybe I'll force myself.

    it feels good to do any kind of exercise but it's hard to remain disciplined. Once you stop, it's difficult to get back to it. You can do it!

    I really have life depends on it. Thank you for encouraging me. I'll do it!
    terryfossil 1

    @Bob,,,we have to put a towel over anything we work on at the gym,,and as you finish each workout we must wipe it down with antibacterial spray,,i own the bike on the left..if you are serious about the gym,your first step is going there,let the rest worry about its self

    We dined at 8 ,??or was it 9, ? ?oh I remember it well,


    It was a good time. It was the best time. It was a party

    i don't mind getting older, but i hate aging. i try to combat aging with exercise, walking, deep breathing and eating healthy most of the time.

    I just go with the flow and merrily march along. Time goes in only one direction and no one can stop that. Somehow someone more powerful than humans has set us on this path and I for one am very grateful to still be here for the journey! Eat well, rest well, and always keep moving.


    Hi Witchy. Haven't seen you in a while.

    I know. Hubby has been in and out of hospital a few times. Going thru tests for cancer again. Think positive for him please! Good news though is we are going to be first time grandparents! We are very excited. New bundle will be here in early April.

    Hope all things are still good.

    The roads are longer,the hurdles are higher,The bags are heavier. Well,you get my drift.........


    yes, but we appreciate things more, too, don't we? something or other, I forget what!!


    Ben was getting younger, just not "our Ben"! 

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