Would you like to know the day and hour of when you will pass?

    Me? No......

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    It would be good for planning purposes. However, I wonder how I would live my life if, in fact, I did know exactly when it would end.


    In a way , it would be good, b/c you can get your affairs in order. But, if you found out it'll be before your time, it would be so depressing,  you'd be too depressed to do anything. One thing I would do , is clean out my house of all the junk, so it wouldn't be a burden on my step-daughter.

    But not the year though,


    Yes but only under the following circumstance ... otherwise NO!


    I don't even know what I'm having for dinner tonight! 

    Seriously, I do not want my death information.  Thank you.

    Yes. I wold like to know. Because with this information I can planning better my rest years of my life. Because the present life is the way to the next life. So, if we doing our life better and better now, then our next life will be better and better in the future. Easy.

    no way jose. the power of suggestion is too great.

    Your welcome Dear!

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