Who’s side are you on?

    I’m my mother’s daughter and place all blame on the kid. Disrespect, unruly, bad mouth (Lord help me is it was me and my mother found out……).

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    The small amount of video I saw leaves a lot to the imagination.  Sadly, it looked like she wasn't being physically confrontational, so the officer may have been over zealous.

    On the other side of the coin, if the girl was being belligerent, disrespectful, disobedient, and disruptive, I wish he could have backhanded her, taken her phone and smashed it with one of his (flat) feet, then cuffed her and hauled her sorry bee-hind out the door to his waiting police car. 

    So, was the officer called to the classroom because of the student's behavior? If so, the student had already displayed defiance that warranted a call for "backup", so I think the officer was justified in showing some muscle. I don't think she needs a hard cast up and down her whole arm, or is suffering from neck and back injuries.   

    Calling this "racially motivated" is tired, old, and likely a bunch of B.S.  But, in any case, the cop is the one who is going to suffer the consequences.  The girl should be sitting in juvenile hall....indefinitely.


    I like, very good....

    The lack of respect and discipline of todays kids is largely  the result from the seventies when pacifists and goodie two shoes were allowed to push their views and lobbied hard to  have them legislated the in most of the world governments, no more corporal punishments, no more physical discipline as it is regarded as abuse, from what i have seen of kids behaviour in the last decade or so, this police officer in a  discipline society was likely doing the right thing -- but saying that their was no video of the incident prior to the girl getting her just deserts--- i don't care what any one says you cannot reason with kids simply with words, most of the Aka regulars would have grown up with physical discipline. i'm sure it did no harm to you in later life, it did not for me.


    I think you've hit the nail on the head there bulletman, I totally agree.

    If I had been the cop I probably would have done the same thing, I would also have been fired for breaking police "protocol" by letting go of the suspect while physically arresting them.

    If I were to handle the situation "legally" I would have strongly held on to her, dragged her home to her parents where I hope she got the "discipline" she deserved, you see, I live in a fantasy world where kids respect authority and police aren't afraid to do their job without somebody shouting assault or RACIST!!!

    I happened to be watching The View and saw the obese black woman crying police brutality and racism. My guess is this girl just loves obama, and parent is a democrat.  Now more trashy kids will see this and start trying the same thing to make a name for themselves. The school should just expel the kids that disrupt class. Some kids just are not scared of authority. That's all right , there is plenty of room in prison for her. Maybe she needs to be scared straight by spending a day in prison.

    Thats the sort of action that is used for a gun toting fist fighting person,,not somebody sitting at a desk swearing at you,,it would be interesting to see if she gets grounds for assault,,is what she did a criminal offence,,i thought cops were supposed to arrest criminals,,however from the videos i have seen,,i have seen cops shoot somebody for just saying no...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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