I like to _________ just before I fall asleep.

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    Depending on where I am in my life changes the answer!  When I was in a relationship, certainly "Make Love" would fill in the blank.

    Nowadays, watch TV and/or play a brain game will fill in the blank.

    Dark Haired Woman Lying in Bed

    Count sheep   ""


    Looks as though you have been feeding them a little to much Pythy,

    Read , trouble is I nod off after about half a page, then I have to read the same page again tomorrow, it takes me a month of Sundays to read a book.


    Last night I was re-reading my "Ancient Greece" text for a chapter quiz this morning and kept nodding off into dreams that had something to do with being the next Master Chef....I had to put the book away for fear of answering "Who was the Spartan leader at the battle of XXXXX?" with "Gordon Ramsey".

    Read it in the bathroom. I've gotten a lot of books read that way

    Bathroom is good for magazine articles, definitely. Not so much for 45 pages of college history, although my mom did sneak down to the bathroom after lights out to sit in the tub and study chemistry in nursing school

    I told ya ........

    Mom was working and going to school (1940's). She was failing chem and some didn't think she should even be at school because she came from a "poor" family (12 kids, mother widowed in 1925) She ended up with the highest GPA in that class. Fortunately, I'm doing OK (90%) without resorting to midnight far

    Listing to the weather forcast around the breken beakons,

    Check my phone for whatever and my kindle while waiting for my pills to kick in.....


    what your high pills??

    Just a generic Xanax and ambian.....

    I like to go round and round in circles before I drop .. uh ... oh ... sorry, that's the cat's answer ... 



    or the dog's

    1.)  Say my prayers

    2.)  Listen to George Noory's soothing voice on Coast to Coast a. m.

    Brush my teeth before I go to bed.

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