The Latest on parade crash: Police say injured grows to 44 Associated Press 1 hour ago  This photo provided by the Stillwater Police Department on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015 shows Adacia Chambers. Police said Chambers plowed her car into a crowd of spectators Saturday during the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. (Stillwater Police Department via AP) .


    Happy at a joyous occasion when out of nowhere, wham! Can you imagine?

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    This website has a video as well as newsprint of this horrible crash.  A 2 year old boy is among the dead.



    If I read correctly, the accident occurred this MORNING and the woman is suspected to be driving under the influence of alcohol.  If this is true, I would hope she be buried under the most serious charges that can be levied against her, and the judge and jury show her the same consideration she showed the rest of the world when she got behind the wheel.....none.

    Wer do the brains end?  Maybe all cars should have alcohol devises in them?


    What a good thought!

    Yeah but, Just another government thing to deal with! Everyone wants no government control but yet we continue to be idiots! Time to return to being humans with BRAINS!

    Mental Illness is a big problem.


    So they did find out that she had mental issues? I heard a blurb about it on news radio today…….

    You see where this is heading? Mental health checkups before you can own a gun, drive a car.....

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