Funeral music?

    When my now-27 year old son was in 3rd grade, his class presented a sign language performance to several songs.  My sister went with me, and when they performed "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, we whispered to each other that we wanted that song at our funerals.  We featured it at the memorials for both of my parents, and my feelings about the song remain strong.

    Have you given it any thought?  Be serious, be silly, just respond!  

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    The one in the know knows it is THIS one..................



    <3 <3

    A recent survey in the UK listed the following:

    'Always look on the Bright Side' by the Pythons.

    The Lord's my Shepherd ( Psalm 23)

    Abide with Me

    Match of the Day theme tune.

    My Way by Frank Sinatra.

    Personally, I have asked for 'Friend of the Devil' by The Grateful Dead.






    I've certainly given it some thought and I have four songs I want played at my funeral. 

    My favorite church hymn: When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.

    The song which reminds me of my relationship with my dad and the relationship my son has with his dad:Cats In The Cradle.

    First song I remember learning about the age of six. I love John Denever: Leaving On A Jet Plane.

    Last but by not by the least is this song Roy knows all about it. Beautiful!



    Cats In The Cradle likely hits a spot with many of our generation. :(

    My sister stated once that she wanted a Kenny G song played at her funeral. Nobody asked or even included me in the planning so I couldn’t pass it on. There was ridiculous, un-personal music played. I’m sure she rolled over…… Myself? I want no music or service for that matter. Just burn me up and let me go…….



    You gotta walk that lonesome valley..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<             


    That is a beautiful song and an excellent choice. Isn't there also a hymn titled "You'll Never Walk Alone"? (Elvis Presley)
    terryfossil 1

    Certainly is Bob,Know one does it better than the king,,i also have the poem "Footprints in the Sand".sits in a frame beside my bed..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    A good reminder! Thank you.

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