A simple question ," IS The Bible helpful?

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    I am not a person who likes to read.But I love too read my BIBLE.


    Try any Positve reading type book you can understand, as long as it has nothing to do with the body. You will KNOW what's right for you, just don't ask your brain. Try reading the Bible with the words speaking about SPIRIT and invisible, not the physical. When Jesus speaks, is HE talking about the human body or human SPIRIT? You tell me? Just don't ask a brain this time and you might SEE a WHOLE new meaning.

    Yes if you do one thing, accept a free gift. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Just say yes and mean it, tell others about your choice, then live it, and find a good BIBLE teaching Church. Read the BIBLE yourself and study. Love, Randy


    The Bible is helpful even to those who haven't accepted Christ's gift. Don't sell it short!
    Headless Man

    Yes, it can be short term, I'm thinking long term.

    Yes, to the Christian. No to the Atheist, because they don't understand it. It takes the Holy Spirit to help anyone understand the Bible, if he doesn't reside inside you or speak to you, the spiritual meaning would be masked.

    How many non-believers can truly comprehend the meaning of the Bible? It takes help from God to understand the true meaning of His word. That's why when you answer a question with a Bible verse to a average person and they say,"Whatever?" they just don't get it. You need Gods help to understand.

    The Bible is more than helpful. It is the living word of God. It is our instruction book for life.






    Yes very helpful, I can find encouragement daily, it's a tough thing to find these days.



    You stole my comment... Hey you got here first!

    Yes it is God's blueprint for our life.

    I don't know who has been damning you to hell Colleen, I think the,"or go to hell," is just inferred? I think that there will be many homosexuals in heaven. As long as you truly accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, you are forgiven of all your sins. If you get chance check out Sy Rogers on line, he's a gay preacher out of New Zealand, a very interesting speaker. I know we have opposing views many times, but I want you to know, I respect your opinion and like our little chats.
    Have a good night..

    It certainly is helpful. But don't let us Christians say it is not helpful to non- believers. Anyone who opens the Bible will be helped by God to gain something from it. I have known of non-believers who looked into the Bible to criticize what is there but who have been converted in the process. Bit like the person who wrote "Who Moved the Stone ?" . He was a scientist deliberately setting out to prove that the stone at the entrance to Jesus' tomb was removed by human hands. In the process of his investigation he became a Christian.To the Christian the Bible is the source of life. I find the New Testemont particularly helpful.

    All kinds of answers can be found in the Bible.......

    I'm sure it is helpful,but i can't make sense of it all.Wish i could.

    I also believe it is helpful - and agree with most of what is said especially Colleen. Frankly, I am put off religion people speaking of what the bible says as when I look at their actions they do not fit with the good bits of the bible(certainly not the fear) and the wonderful teachings of Jesus - which I find good people practice not only talk about.

    A version in modern English, or the Life Application Study Bible might help.

    Yes - when portrayed correctly. I must say I need to review the situation. My opinion spiituality is  innate.

    Yes , it is to me.

    How many non-believers can truly comprehend the meaning of the Bible? It takes help from God to understand the true meaning of His word. That's why when you answer a question with a Bible verse to a average person and they say,"Whatever?" they just don't get it. You need Gods help to understand.

    There are spiritual truths in the bible that speak to the soul, yet the bible is riddled with doubt; for a reason.. a lie is best told with truth mixed in.. atheists have souls just as christians do; and the ignorance is often equal on both sides; especially when you seek validation for your beliefs. When you land somewhere in the middle and have perspective on your own prejudice and biased principals, then maybe you'll be ready to put the bible down and let go.

    Yes , the Bible has reliable principles to help us cope with lif's problems and anxities.

    Bible reveals things that we could never find out otherwise.

    Indeed it is to me, but only if read..

    A simple answer:  yes.

    Most definitely when one Understands the veiled secrets (Parables/Riddles) of any Bible.   Its divine ideas are not ment to be viewed Literally for then it becomes a horror, as the world will attest even unto this time.

    But when Spiritually Understood and applied to ones life  it becomes the Joy of Life, for its loving Solutions lie with mens hearts. These come when one becomes One with the Inner Conscience of Spirit.

    Therefore,  it must be ever the Spiritual Intent men must seek of any Bible of any tradition or creed.   Imagine the power if all men Understood, the world would lite, illumated with the divine Light of Love.  WOW and Amen. 

    That's a question one should ask about everything you see, hear,smell, taste& touch.Is this Helpful? This earthquake, this situation, this experience, "Is IT HELPFUL? Who would KNOW THE ANSWER to such a broad question? Such a simple question. Do you ask people on this web site? How about "Ron", down the street from where you live, he has a big giant house witha 3 car garage, he most KNOW something to have all of that, no? I know, "let's ask mom & dad".,"hey mom,dad!" "What's this earthquake all about?" "You must know, your parents, right?" "I don't know,look it up, that's why I bought you a computer, a laptop one at that, a real good one, named brand,your computer "will have the answer", right, if not I'm going to take it back!" "Oh! I know,I'll watch the news,now they will find out because the new's people, they get to the TRUTH?" Why am I seeing and experiencing this? "FOX" news, They don't "spin" the answers,right?. It's a NO SPIN zone, right? Let's ask ourselves, that's it, I should know this one, sooo simple,no? Why is "this" happening to me? Well I refuse to read the Bible, GOD'S word, "WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP", "HE sent HIS SON to die on the cross to save me from my SINS",(the belief in the body, and not believing in SPIRIT)" who made that up, a bunch of holy rollers, no doubt"? NO DOUBT right? Is this HELPFUL? Well, let me know when you find this person, no, I changed my MIND,(don't use the brain, ask MIND, THE ALL KNOWING, THE TRUTH,THE LIGHT, THE WAY, the WAY you will KNOW! Can't we see the insanity of not asking GOD everything, every question we have? Just because you can't see ,hear, taste,smell or touch HIM, does not mean HE does not EXIST. ASK HIM, don't take my word for it, and THEN YOU WILL BE TOUCHED. That will be your proof.


    Yes the Bible is a real revealing book about us human. If you were God would you not leave some direction or a map how to navigate through life?


    Except He didn't write it.

    It depends on your faith.

    It helps the Jews, and Christians.I don't believe it would be very useful to another faith.

    To many it appears to be. Not to me.

    If the Bible were a meal you would be wise not to consume it all at once. Zealots seem bent on doing just that.  It is food for thought…and there is lots of brain food there. . Zen teaches "the way of enlightenment,” through paradox and transcendence. I like all religions for what has value in them. I study many ancient religions because modern religions have identifiable elements originating there. Seeing how those odd bits came along provides a basis of origin and a path of evolution in our thinking. 

    Not for me

    Very helpfull to the believers.

    I wonder why a simple question can cause so much discord, when surely all that was needed was  a simple yes or no, my answer is the bible does not help me.

    I think not just Bible but every book that you read is helpful if you don`t misunderstand the things that you read . 

    Yes! Very helpful!

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