Islam faith ???????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..   What in the world makes a kid go out and murder somebody they do not know and has never done them wrong,,what would he say if the family of the dead man went out and killed the kids family,,at least one of them has a reason..can someone explain to me how this kid believed he was doing right.How and what can anybody say to a kid to make him decide he does not want a peacefull life with his family,,he destroys himself and 2 familys for what,,or is he just plain stupid...>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""

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    terryfossil 1

    I do not get it Duck,i seem to be able to download anything from USA,,but you cannot download things from Aussie.???????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Looks like ROMOS in Scotland, has the same problem. See his comment? (I'm in Canada not the US.)

    Terry i cannot access the link as it is a subcription site.
    terryfossil 1

    Sorry guys,just found out i cannot access my own link,,go figure...>>>>>><<<<<<..

    9 Answers

    Its time to identifying start people in your community. I think once these people become identified things MAY change. You never know who might be living across the street from you. Be aware of people wanting to bring sharia law.


    I quite agree Zorro, if these illegals have no papers they should be sent back immediately! - only Christian Muslims allowed if there are any still alive.
    terryfossil 1

    Very hard to separate them Zorro,,the good muslum of today does not follow his own bible,,but then one day he decides to follow his bible,,and then he kills,,unless somebody can convince me their bible does not say,"Kill the Infidel "...and the infidel is anybody who is not muslum..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I take it you are referring to Farhad Jabar, the kid who shot the Police worker (your link won't work unless I subscribe)?

    The only thing that can be done with these people is to find them before they get out there and commit these atrocities, there are arrests here in the UK almost every day of suspected "radicalised" moslems, the intelligence of the authorities HAS to be better than theirs and they must use whatever force is necessary to rid the world of these people and the people who are recruiting and "radicalising" them, the sooner they are "gone", the better!

    terryfossil 1

    Radicalised Roy..???????? take away the word,and all you are left with is a murderer..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Aye mate, but they weren't born murderers nor brought up in that kind of family, "someone" changed their way of thinking, and we must get these people also.

    You are not responsible for how you were raised.  You ARE responsible for how you live your life. I do not understand, either.  :(

    So, so shocking. The kid had been radicalized. He lived around the corner from me and the shooting took place not far from where I live.

    terryfossil 1

    Python,it seems the word radicalized is an excuse to commit murder,,it is like saying i grew up rough,,so i go and murder people.???????you gotta have a very bad heart or just be a scumbag to go and murder an innocent person..this kid came to live in a peaceful country,but chose the heart of death from his country,which by the way was not Australia...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Sickos ... all of them. This kid did not act alone being influenced by other members of his mosque >>>

    Sad and twisted ... even girls are getting involved in this behaviour now ... unreal mindsets and twisted views... it will get worse before it gets better... lack of [fill in blank] ... very concerning Terry ... unreal ...

    We are living in a strange world Terry,

    terryfossil 1

    We now have 1 less strange one to live in this world Dennis..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    Brainwashing is such a simple word but it's the best I can come up with. These boys sound like any other adolescent, the ultimate in ego stroking! Suicide is for the insecure, the unnoticed, rarely for belief beyond their capacity. Remember, on a smaller scale, Jim Jones was a "prophet" and a Christian......


    who was JimI jones??

    Took 300 or so people (followers) to Guiana with him and convinced them all to drink spiked Kool aid containing poison. All dead because of following him
    terryfossil 1

    Jh,did they know the kool aid was poison..???????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes they did. I believe but don't quote me, the ones who refused got shot. Everyone dead and all for following.

    Charles Manson was another one from the states I belive,you have a lot of nutters over their.Julie,

    I do believe you are right. From Manson to Jones to Whitman and Dalmer. You guys have them, too, it’s just not publicized.

    The only difference Julie, Australia has not had 43 mass murders over the last decade or so, as our Prime Minister has said, if these ethic groups cannot tolerate are laws and customs they can leave.

    The children involved in their parents Jim Jones suicide pact did not have a choice, i remember seeing all the bloated bodies on the news, in those days scenes like this were not censored.

    In answer to your first question, that would clearly be mental issues. Anything after that, please refer to answer of first question.


    That's what I said a nut case,

    One place where islam faith is growing in in the prison system. Almost all participants are black.The whites that might be involved are mostly seeking protection . Basically small little weak white boys-(men). They tend to be smartA$$es that think they know everything and seem to think they know their rights. The funny thing about it is they don't follow the rules they should be doing. Ramadan is a joke  to them. They eat when they get hungry ,doesn't matter time. What is scary is what they do when they get out. Nobody knows , except, maybe homeland security ?


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