What kind of life could be found in Mars?

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    We already know. "Men from Mars". Wait until they get to Venus!

    Matt Damon is up there at the moment they reckon.

    Mars is more likely to have life that is similar to ours here on Earth. Mars'atmosphere is much thinner than ours and consists of mainly carbon dioxide. Its surface temperature is -60°C. The only water that exists on Mars is in its North polar cap. Martian soil is unable to support life, since it has less organic matter in it than the Moon's surface. If life did exist here, it would probably live under the frozen Northern polar cap. Here tiny little pieces of life called "microbes" could live,eat, and breathe.

    These microbes could be much like microbes that live right here on Earth. In frigid Antarctica, millions and millions of microbes live under the polar cap. In fact, in recent months there has been much debate as to whether life did exist on Mars long ago. We'll just have to wait and the mean time, use your imagination!


    MARSupials, of course! """"

    It has been said that the lesser spotted blue finch has been seen their,


    "It has been said"? lol

    I hope there's no shite hawks, there's enough of those down here, Dennis.

    I wouldn't think there's much life up there now, not as we know it anyway. I think there may have been many thousands of years ago. 

    I think maybe we should worry more about down here than out there..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    it might be something up there that scares the bejibers out of us. hope they don't interrupt any love making.

    they said it's just microbes that could live in the icy waters there. But, there's a sign on Mars that says, " McDonalds coming here soon ! "


    I hope they will pay their staff a bit more up their,M/C/M,,

    Dead Ones. :)

    I think life is abundant a lot of places. Its just hard for us to find it.

    I think our problem is "life as we know it"  Maybe this is why we think no life but actually there is life ! Just not what "we" think!   ??


    terryfossil 1

    Thats deep Clu,very deep..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    If there is "life", it will be in the early stages...perhaps some stuff in the liquid.


    Like a can of strong Lager then Bob,

    Yes, of course. That's exactly what I meant! :D

    ""Image result for who is on marsImage result for who is on mars

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