a researchable hypothesis possesses what characteristics

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    Hypothesis should be simple and to the point.
    Hypothesis should be clear and precise. It should be properly stated.
    Hypothesis should be capable of being tested. It should not be that one in which data or information can not be collected. Empirical test is necessary to achieve the objectivity.
    Hypothesis should state relationship between different variables available there.
    Hypothesis should not be too vague or general. It should be limited in scope and must be specific.
    Hypothesis should be narrower.
    Hypothesis should be stated as far as possible in the most simple and common terms.
    Hypothesis must be consistent with a substantial body of established facts.
    Hypothesis should be amenable to testing within a reasonable time.
    Hypothesis must explain the facts that gave rise to the need for explanation.

    A good research hypothesis must have all these types of features. And then, that can be said as good research hypothesis.

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