Help me, I've got my stroke victim and he WILL NOT exercise. How to change the situation?

    He's not 62 yet and there is no reason in the world why he couldn't be walking by now. The stroke is a year old. I've bribed him with moon pies and they aren't working. He's just given up.....

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    I know what you mean Julie, my brother has Parkinsons, and my brother-in-law has Myeloma Cancer.

    Both of them are having treatment , which at the moment is working, but they have both given up walking. My brother sits in a chair all day while his wife waits on him, and my brother-in law sits in a chair most of the day, and when he goes out he uses his mobility scooter. neither of them seem to realise that using your legs ,and having exercise helps to fight these illnesses.




    Sorry to hear this, Sunny, but I understand how they may be feeling. Both of those diseases are difficult for everyone, with a hard road to travel. Both these guys need to travel the road; this is a detour, not the end of the journey.
    My 85 year old aunt has Parkinson's and is still driving and has a thriving AVON business that keeps her busy, not to mention a "beau"....who also keeps her busy, I'm sure. AND, she lives alone, though her grandson does spend most nights, I'm told.
    Sister-in-law needs to rethink her game plan, as what she is doing is NOT helping.
    Sometimes, a person just feels just making the effort is too much. :(

    Thanks, sunny. Misery loves company.......

    try music therapy; or try getting someone who he's close to and respects to encourage him to do his exercises; up the ante.......instead of moon pies, offer him some thing he really wants and likes as a reward; change his exercises to an exercise that he would like.......such as walking in a indoor currant river in the fitness center ;  suggest to his family that he get a pet, such a a cat or dog to walk with and to take his mind off his depression; ask his friends/ family   to come over to get him in a better frame of mind. Suggest that they do his exercises with him


    A very good answer M/C/M

    Great answers but I'm all he's got. Family is two and nine hours away. I live with him and I don't want something else to take care of. Moon pies are the greatest of bribes.....

    Time to get tough and stubborn right back, Julie. Anything he wants or needs comes with a price. Rewards are for going beyond the minimum, so no more of that for now. You do certain things because they need to be done.

    He has gone through some very tough times lately, so maybe spend time talking about those things. Certainly, contact the PT and get some advice. He needs, most likely, some grief therapy.



    I'm finally getting some calls today. A speech therapist is coming over on Monday. Nursing care is in the works and he is looking forward to the therapy. Thanks, Bob.....

    Keep us updated, Julie. Hoping he gets to the place where he is willing and able to make the effort. Hang in there! I love you, Friend

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