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    Hi guys,i bought a cuckoo clock in Germany,it plays 2 songs,it plays 2 songs on the hour and half hour,,which means one of the 3 acorns reaches its full length way ahead of the other 2,,is there a way of setting it to play only the 1 song???????? understanding is that it is a 12 hour clock..any help would help..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Not sure if this helps. >>>All cuckoo clocks with three weights play music. The 1-Day clocks play two songs an hour, one song to the full and one song to the half hour. The 8-Day clocks play also two songs, but they alternate on the hour. 

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    terryfossil 1

    Thanks Python,,lot of reading there,so i will save the web site and read later,,,the photo above your answer is very close to mine,,,thanks for your answer..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Not a bloody clue, have you not got the instructions mate?

    Try looking the make of the clock up on the internet.

    If not, I'd advise this............



    terryfossil 1

    that is pretty close to what mine looks like Roy,,$600 of a lot of clock movements,i would never throw it out,,thanks anyway mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    vorsprung durch technik. nice clock though, a lot of money.
    terryfossil 1

    Yep, they aint cheap Sunny..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Was it made by Voltswagon ,Terry??


    High on emissions Dennis, vot ze germans on ze fiddle.
    Don't mention the war Fawltey.

    YOU are, too!!
    terryfossil 1

    No emissions to worry about Hec,,i did not buy the diesel model>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Are you not able to pull the one acorn independently of the other two? 

    My parents had a cuckoo clock, also, which I managed to get.  I took it to a clock shop locally to have it cleaned and repaired, as the chains weren't moving.  It was pricey ($150), but the clock means a lot to me.  Unfortunately, I haven't figure out where to hang it. 

    I have an antique 8-day clock that needs repair, also pricey, and the big antique grandfather clock at my son's also needs attention. He also has my parents' 8-day, which probably needs servicing, too.  Who's got that kind of money for clock repairs.

    The clock in the photo is absolutely gorgeous! 


    So are you,
    terryfossil 1

    All the acorns are independent Bob,mine is a 1 day clock,we bought it in Germany while on holiday,,it is not something we would like to lose..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Do you want to change it because it is inconvenient to have to pull one cord more often or because you dont like the noise?
    terryfossil 1

    No way Bob,we like the 2 songs that are played,,but it is supposed to play 1 song on the half hour and 2 on the hour,,but it plays 2 on the hour and half hour,,which means overnight the musical acorn reaches its length overnight,,it is not supposed to do that,,the 2 songs are "Edelweiss and The Happy Wanderer".>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..The clock above is similar to mine..the water wheel moves and where the wood chopper is i have a man with a walking stick and the stick counts the hour and the bird comes out and coo coos,,and the dancers rotate and twirl..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    It sounds absolutely charming! Do call a clock repair business and see what they recommend. Let us know!

    I've got my grandma's cuckcoo clock. She brought it back here from the black forests of Germany ( Bavaria ) in 1937 .......when she went back there for a visit. Anyway, she brought back here with her- - - two cuckoo clocks and a floor clock that stands over 6 feet tall. The cuckcoo clock I've got has weights and a pendulum. It's the real thing........nothing electronic about it. When it strikes, the little bird come out and says, " coo coo , coo cooooo."

    terryfossil 1

    Excactly like mine MCM..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    How does it go again ?????`Mcm```¬??

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