I want to know why they bother to get all the candidates on a stage, not ask a question that all are required to answer. First, the debt then immigration, tax code or eliominationg the IRS. I'd like to hear from all of the candidates on each of these. NO personal questions about what was said about each other. Is it more important to get ratings than help us select a candidate?

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    It doesn't really help when you don't get an answer from each candidate for every question. It would make more sense to pose the question to everyone.

    The times that are "banter" could be used to assess the personality of the candidate and how he relates to others. 




    Seems to be more like a game show than an election debate.

    It's how democracies work , I know ,it would be more interesting if they said what they believe in rather than slag each other off. however, the way our politicians behave and openly have debates is better than living in a dictatorship.


    Your right, Tom. At the Republican canditate debate , they all said a lot of nothing. I'll qualify that by saying a few of them, like Mike Hukabee did say something of some substance, but whether or not he'll full- fill those ideas when / if he's president, is a whole ' nother story .

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