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    Anyone know the price and time to go from London to Bath UK return,,when i look it up, it comes to about 1 and a half hours and 150 pounds return,,thats more than $300 Australian for a 1 and a half hour trip...seems a bit steep to me,or am i out of touch with prices..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    That's about standard for train journeys here, we find if we book in advance it sometimes takes around 75% off the price, don't know if "tourists" can get this though.

    Check this site out...

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    Thanks mate,i might just hang on to that link,,could come in handy..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes train journeys here are pretty expensive, some times it's cheaper to fly. And they wonder why people use their cars so much.


    Yep,You are.They don't have Jetstar over there.

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    Sorry mate, i meant by train,,>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

    Take a trip on the Ghan instead.You'll love it.
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    That will happen one day Tom..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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