My Audi A4 wines and groans as I turn it around first thing every morning, Its ok once it gets going, and it is 10years old. Could it be the power stearing ? its due for a service soon . if anyone knows what it might be it would help before I take it in for the service, then I can be one step ahead .

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    Fill your p/s reservoir to the top Dave, this should fix the problem.


    Thanks Roy, I'll give that a try.

    You were right Roy. Someone recommended a small local garage near where I work, popped in there and they checked the level and topped it up, no more groans and wines, seems to have done the trick. I think I'll give them a try when I have it serviced, they were very helpful, didn't charge me anything.

    Power steering. Don't know what other symptoms might give a better clue. Always keep a check on your fluids: p.s., oil, antifreeze,brake, etc. You can do this yourself......


    Are you perhaps a wee bit overweaight Dave,??


    Well yes I have put a bit of weight on in the last ten years, but these German cars are supposed to be vorsprung durch technik. Me on the other hand have been groaning first thing in the mornings for some time.

    Hey Sunny, i assume your car is front wheel drive,, when your CV Joints get worn they will crack and groan when you turn your steering wheel either left or right,,depending on which side has the worn CV,,or it could be both,,you can either get both rebuilt or replaced with new,,if one is worn the other one will not be far behind,,with CV joints i tend to lean towards new ones,,anything to do with steering should not be played with..All the best Dave,i hope this helps out..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Now you've got me worried Terry £ signs goings through my brain. As I said to Roy I think the problem has been solved by topping up, I hope that's all it needed, its due for a service soon , so I will find out then. The car is a 4 wheel drive Quattro.
    terryfossil 1

    If it is not an all wheel drive Dave,good chance it is not your CV's,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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