Is it possible to develop a drug for smoking cessation in five to six years?

    I read a blog post about quitting smoking, and the post goes here smoking cessation, I just think it's far to achieve the oral drugs for people who feel hard quit smoking. Does anyone have any idea about this?

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    I know. Let's place some advertising here. That way, lots of people will see our commercial and no doubt, quit smoking.
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    There are different approaches for cessation of smoking, some including the use of drugs. A pill is surely an option. Personally, I prefer to solve health issues holistically rather than chemically whenever possible.

    I quit smoking when I felt my lungs squeeze shut one morning in 1975. I was 23.  My cousin quit, also cold turkey, when the doctor told her her life depended on it and went into details. She's saved $3000 in less than a year, and can actually breathe. One of my sons quit to "get in shape". My mom quit when my dad asked her and my dad quit when he got cancer. (He survive 50 years)

    Smoking is a personal choice and it IS addictive. Quitting is difficult when the commitment isn't 100%

    Yes, the drug exist and it works, too. Only it tore my mouth up to the point of the inability to consume food........

    Wheez wheez,coff coffcoff! OK so I'm trying but it's difficult after more than 50 years.

    If you could see the lungs of a 21 year old person that smoked about 6 cigarettes a day for 4 years you would get physically sick . It is absolutely gross. You would quit immediately  !!!


    Oh geezzz, it's a wonder I can still breathe.

    They can develop it in 2 to 3 years if they put their minds to it.

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