Do not know weather to get shingle vacine or not, as far as I know and can find out from relatives, so don't know if I have had chickenpoxor not, but is still questionable ? What is the best thing for me to do ?

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    Answers to all your questions regarding shingles vaccine here>>>


    I had chicken pox at such a young age (6 mos) that they didn’t count. But my brother-in-law, the doctor, says I can still get shingles. I guess anybody can get them but usually they exist in older parties. Don’t get the shot yet. Put it off for a while and maybe they’ll come up with something better……..

    A blood test can determine if you've had chicken pox. Good starting point. ...

    I know I had chicken pox and did get the shingles shot. I had no after effects and no shingles as of today!


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