The Haine Plane flys in NFL.......

    Image result for jarryd hayne photos Maybe Rugby League players can play NFL,,Now some other League players are talking about trying out for NFL...We showed the poms how to play their game of league,,,why not NFL..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Rugby is not NFL football. Rules are rules, and for a reason. Our teams have a pretty good understanding of the sport. What do you think your boys are going to teach my boys?

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    Do not know,however the Haine plane is not doing to bad,,just have to wait and see how he goes,they are similar games with a slight difference..besides you can always learn from something that is different..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    True. I think a rugby player who wanted to play football would defer to the football players' experiences and knowledge to share the nuances of football. And vice versa
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    Yeah Bob,i just seen him score a touchdown,,he looked like he was going to dive over the line instead of run over the line,,in league you have to place the ball on the ground over the line..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    That would only happen in the NFL if every other player was at least 30 yards away and somebody was showing off

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