Trash that i am,or must be?

    it has become clear to me in my life that it is it easy to anyone or everyone to toss me out like trash without a second thought.from my mother to my wife to my son and all those in between not to mention friend lol

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    The one common denominator in this statement is YOU.


    ROMOS took the words right out of my mouth. Take a long look in the mirror. Be honest. What do you see?

    Mate,to make a comment on what you said,i would need to know a little bit more about you,,<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..

    Sometimes life's like that.Turn your back & move on mate.

    As everyone else on here  are saying, think about what it's all about, be honest with yourself.  Then do something about putting things  right. 

    It's hard to believe they're all making the same mistake and you're an innocent victim. Time for an honest self evaluation 

    It sounds like you are going through what I call an archetypal theme perhaps of 'victim' or of 'persecuted' ... this too shall pass as long as you learn that you are NOT a victim in this world and that there are certainly many jerks [to put it mildly] on this planet ... go out and seek ways in which to help others who have been or are being victimized ... start even by just signing some activist petitions at one or two of the many sites this one ...

    Also imagine pure white light surrounding your self and everyone you know ... just try it .... no harm in it.

    Be well ... thoughts are things so let yours be unfettered by negative people or things and as a side note ... your son will eventually come around.

    That is all ... for now ...



    Miss lindy just could be well right,

    Try surrounding yourself with a different group of people from where you are at now , to a group of people that have a positive outlook on life. Looking at your past here I see a troubled pattern. We all have troubles. From relationship to money,  life is like that. You have to learn to overcome it. You know how to make yourself happy. Above all , remember one thing, alcohol and violence will solve nothing. It will only make your life the pits. Start a hobby and make money from it. That is something you will really benefit from physically and mentally. Last, you may think this is wrong, but, stay away from people who are liberals - democrats. They will drag you down to their lowly world. You don't want that. Your life can and will be better. Just find it.


    yes you may be right Miss Bob,thats probabley why I got that 7/2 split,

    Join me in a slug or two of wiskey,and things wont seem all that bad,

    terryfossil 1

    If i joined you in a whisky or 2 Hec,we would end up slugging,,,way to go mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Though that could already be part of the problem. .

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